Posted on 16th December 2015

Tree Medics Logo Design

16/12/15Tree Medics Logo Design

Almost complete is the new logo design and branding for Chichester based company, Tree Medics. The company are Arboriculture and Forestry specialists with a growing reputation and client list, with some prestigious contracts having been secured and an intention to tender for more. Josh, the director felt the existing company logo didn’t really portray the size and professionalism of the company and the direction it intends to move toward.

Having agreed on the logo and the brand colours and housestyle, we are now addressing the design of company stationary, website and vehicle liveries.

For every logo design and branding solution we conclude, there is a mountain of unseen preliminary design work and unused design proposals. The final design is sometimes agreed unanimously, sometimes a compromise of a number of views if there is a group or committee that need to agree. We feel the best design solutions are usually made where there is a single deciding vote.

Below is a small sample of some of the unseen/unused design proposals associated with this project. Of course everyone will have their view as to which design works best. There is a saying that “to have a great idea, you need to have lots of ideas”. On this occassion we very much worked to that theory. Of course sometimes having too much choice makes decision making difficult! We find when presenting to a committee that it’s best to shortlist a maximum of 5 design proposals for consideration.

Tree Medics Logo


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