Posted on 19th March 2024

Lectern Signs

19/03/24Lectern Signs

Heritage lectern signs – design and production

Just installed at significant historic sites in Chichester are these 2 Oak lectern signs. Both replaced previous interpretation panels installed at these locations 15 years ago. The graphic panels themselves are Encapsulated Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). These are specifically designed for use in public spaces. They offer exceptional outdoor durability and colour fastness. The finish allows graffiti to be easily cleaned while water ingress is not a problem.

The first panel is located at The Guildhall, Priory park, Chichester. The impressive medieval building is the only surviving remains of a late 13th century Franciscan Friary that once dominated Priory Park. The building has been used as Town Hall and a law court – famously for the trials of William Blake and the Hawkhurst Smuggling gang in 1749. Currently the Guildhall is used as a venue for exhibitions and wedding ceremonies.

The Smugglers Stone

In the 1740s a notorious group of smugglers known as the Hawkhurst Gang terrorised the south coast. The engraved stone at the site of the lectern was erected in 1749 to record the execution of seven smugglers and marks the place where three of them had been hung. The engraved description on the stone is no longer legible. The Lectern panel outlines the story of the gang and has a transcipt of the engraved text. The site of the gallows lay in an area known as the Broyle which at that time was a deer park.

Profile Design have wide experience working in the heritage sector. As well as information signs and panels like these we produce a range of printed materials including information leaflets, booklets and brochures as well as general sign work. We have also worked with a number of heritage sites and charities to design and build websites and other digital design works. Do look through our recent projects for exapmles of these.



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