Posted on 27th June 2024

Visitor Centre Graphics

27/06/24Visitor Centre Graphics

Cornish Lithium Visitor Centre

Tara Signs just installed these visitor Centre graphics for Cornish Lithium. Profile Design were commissioned by Tara Signs to Design and artwork these displays for the new visitor centre in Cornwall. The exhibition leads the visitor through the various processes required to produce Lithium.

The Trelavour Hard Rock Lithium Project is situated in an existing china clay open pit. The pit has been repurposed for lithium extraction. The TreLith Processing Plant is a brownfield industrial site, which was previously used for china clay processing. The proposed location for the lithium extraction plants. The existing open pit, and existing industrial infrastructure in the area will be re-used. For that reason the overall environmental footprint and impact of the project is reduced.

Cornwall is one of the most geologically prospective regions of the UK. Cornwall which has a rich mining heritage dating back to the Bronze Age. Therefore a large percentage of the visitor centre graphics illustrate the history of mining in this region.

Design Considerations

Designing Visitor Centre Graphics required a switch in mindset to the more standard Graphic design for print. For example; brochures, leaflets and usual print items are a fairly standard size. Because of this, producing graphics at this scale requires careful thought for a number of elements:

  • Height of viewer
  • Legibility/size of text from distance
  • Flow of information (Journey through the story)
  • Lighting
  • 3 Dimensional elements (Display cases etc)

With this in mind, careful planning is needed to make sure all the elements come together. With the result that the visitor enjoys an easy journey through the graphics. Profile sourced and aquired many of the illustrations and photographs featured on this display. Finding good images and tracking down the Copyright holders is time consuming. Sourcing images did allow us to have more control of the overall creative effect of the finished designs.


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