Posted on 20th March 2024

Cancer Aware Programme

20/03/24Cancer Aware Programme

The C Aware Programme

The Cancer Aware programme (C Aware) is a joint initiative with Macmillan Cancer Support. C Aware aims to increase access to early cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. Service is  for active & retired fishermen, families, and widows. The programme will be working with the fishing community, and health and social care partners to understand and remove barriers.


Fishing communities are amongst the “left behind” neighbourhoods in the NE of England. They have high levels of deprivation and socioeconomic challenges. They are lacking in the community and civic assets, infrastructure and investment required to mitigate these challenges.

Fishing is the most dangerous occupation. 1 in 20 fishermen are at risk of losing their lives. Fishermen find it difficult to make and keep health appointments due to their commitment to time out at sea. They have increased exposure to the sun increasing risk of melanoma skin cancers. They are also exposed to chemicals with dermal carcinogenic properties at sea. There is an increased prevalence of smoking amongst this workforce, which predisposes individuals to carcinogens. There is a traditional culture among fishermen of not seeking health support. This is due to fishermens need to be at sea to earn a living.

Project Definition. Cancer Community Champions will act as key messengers giving cancer specific advice and awareness to the people in the fishing community. Trusted members of the community to sign up as Champions and receive training to signpost and offer light touch support. There is opportunity to recruit and engage active/ former/retired fishermen, and their families to improve overall outcomes and build a sustainable network, enhancing existing communication strategies and normalising cancer conversations.

The Design Brief

Profile Design were asked to develop the logo for this initiative. We are also asked to develop a colour palette/brand guide to take forward into the design of launch materials like leaflets, posters and pull up banner designs. We decided on the duck egg blue/teal/cyan colour range. A colour palette associated with clarity, health, peace, renewal and trust.


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