Posted on 7th January 2016

Ide Chichester Signs

07/01/16Ide Chichester Signs

powder coated sign, George Ide, Chichester

powder coated sign, George Ide, Chichester

Just completed, the latest phase of re-branding of Chichester based law firm George Ide LLP. The transition to the new brand style, utilising the solid teal company colour on all marketing and publicity collateral resulted in Profile Design designing, manufacturing and installing new internal and external office signs across all four Chichester sites.

The powder coated aluminium tray signs were installed at the end of 2015. We have just completed the addition of the gold foil emblems to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company. We also updated all the external and internal marketing boards at Chichester Tennis Club in Chichester.

The design of directional and information signs is sometimes overlooked or given secondary attention in a branding process. Information graphics, directional signs, company logo signs and site boards are the first and maybe the only thing many clients and potential clients will see. Site signs and information need to be clear and consistent with the rest of the branding, colours, fonts and style should be consistent with other printed and digital media.

Where budget allows (and shouldn’t be an item to scrimp on) company signs should be of a quality that reflects the rest of the business, well designed, beautiful and effective signs will create an important and lasting impression of your business long before other materials do when clients visit you.

Profile have designed and produced signs in Chichester and beyond for a range of clients from restaurants and offices to charity events. to see examples of work including, Office signs, directional signs, information graphics, vehicle graphics, A boards, Swing signs, building signs, fascia signs, site hoardings, flags, totem signs, pull up banners, pop up display systems and many others please visit our services page – signs chichester section.

The next phase of this process is the production of commemorative umbrellas in a rather fetching metallic gold fabric…given the recent downpours these cannot come soon enough!


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