Posted on 10th December 2011

River Consultancy Branding

10/12/11River Consultancy Branding

River Consultancy Branding

Profile Design are delighted to have been commissioned to work on the River Consultancy logo and branding design for for our friend Alex Pett who is a leadership and management specialist based in London and Bristol.

What’s in a name

Rivers are not prone to taking the long winded route to get where they are going! If a river comes across an obstacle it may for a while be forced around it or divert its does however continue to apply force on the offending object and will over time erode and remove it. Water is know to always find the fastest most effective route to it’s destination. Water is fluid and adaptable, is live giving and life bringing, clear and transparent (usually).

There may be a host or reasons for choosing your business or organisations name – it is good to be aware that whatever you choose may say different things to different people about your values and what you do.

About Alex

Alex is a Director of River Leadership Consultancy. He is a leadership development and organisational change specialist with vast experience in helping leadership teams improve their ability to execute and improve strategies. Alex works with clients in both the private and public sectors to establish the leadership skills and behaviours necessary for performance improvement. Previously Alex was Director of Leadership and Talent for Kingfisher Group and before this was Head of Leadership and Talent Development for BT Global Services. His expertise is in creating genuine improvements in leadership effectiveness by helping create change in behaviours from those in leadership. The consultancy is helping leaders develop and sustain the high functioning group dynamics that are essential to improve performance.

The work is nearing completion, below is a sample of the proposals to date. Alex was keen the logo be kept clear, contemporary and easily identifiable in a busy market sector.


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