Posted on 17th January 2012

George Ide Brochures – Profile Design

17/01/12George Ide Brochures – Profile Design

George Ide Brochures

We have just completed 2 brochures for George Ide solicitors in Chichester, one for Personal Injury and a second to introduce the new Law Call Plus service. Both brochures have been well received. We also recently undertook a number of interior and exterior signage projects for the client as well as designing and producing some promotional products for them.

Promotional pens +

Profile design over the years have been commissioned to design and produce a wide range of branded promotional gifts, these have varied from; promotional pens, CD and DVD printing, Memory Stick supply and print, Post it note pads, Golf balls, Sports Umbrellas, paper and plastic carrier bags along with branded work clothing such as Polo shirts, Tee shirts, Ties, jackets to name a few

The most successful item produced for this particular client has been a high end, large umbrella. Although an expensive item, the marketing potential associated with the product is high and it is an item valued and well used by recipients.

The Spectrum SportPro umbrella supplied has a soft feel handle with spring loaded tip cup. It features a storm proof frame on a modern and lightweight 14mm stem.  The options for a range of bespoke canopies allowed for any combination of panel colours and even a single image can be dye sublimated over all eight panels.

We are currently in the process of designing and producing a one off special umbrella in metallic gold fabric to celebrate the companies fiftieth anniversary.

Promotional gifts were at one time quite a common item for companies to produce, it seems in latter years the popularity has waned somewhat. There is still a place for effective use of these products as a marketing tool, particularly items like pens, calendars, desk pads  or umbrellas that will be used on a daily basis.


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