Posted on 8th November 2021

Report Design

08/11/21Report Design

Seafit Report Design

Just printed and delivered is this 36 page A4 Report Design for the Seafit Programme run by The Fishermen’s Mission and Seafarers Charity.

The Fishermen’s Mission and the Seafarers Hospital Society, work in partnership to improve the health and wellbeing of fishermen and their families around the UK. Providing support via; face-to-face, phone, email, video.

Through over 140 years of experience the Fishermen’s Mission is aware of just how difficult it is for fishermen to ask for help, especially when it comes to them looking after their health and wellbeing. They are regularly told that they perceive asking for help as being weak. 

We also know that when fishing conditions are good fishermen will prioritise being at sea over everything else in order to earn a living.

Consequently, fishermen are repeatedly disadvantaged in accessing health services. Appointment-based systems are often inflexible and do not consider the transient and unsociable nature of their work.  

Therefore, the overall aim of the SeaFit Programme was to influence the NHS and Local Authority Public Health teams at a local level by highlighting the health needs of a ‘hard-to-reach’ section of society, with traditionally a history of poor access to health and preventative services, and whose work and lifestyle put them at risk of developing chronic and serious health issues in later life.

Report content

The report focuses on how the GetSeaFit Programme tested and delivered a range of health services on quaysides. Working with many different partners to improve the health and wellbeing of fishermen and their families. Activities included co-ordinating and commissioning healthcare services. There was emphasis on both physical and mental health, conducting quayside health checks, holding events, and having regular informal conversations to gain the trust of the fishermen.

Report Design

The design of the report was always intended to be as visual as possible so it was necessary to source good quality images via some image libraries. We have used direct quotes by some of the services end users and suppliers to make the impact and results of the service easily accessible from the page.

The report was printed digitally in full colour with a matt laminated cover.




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