Posted on 25th March 2016

Invitation Design Chichester

25/03/16Invitation Design Chichester

Sometimes the simplest projects like this invitation design for Chichester solicitors George Ide LLP can throw up some interesting design and print challenges. This year is the 50th anniversary of the companies foundation and we have been adding special gold logos to all of the office signs and general branded materials and print over recent months.

This invitation to the opening of new offices in Chichester required the same treatment, but for a print run of only 70 invites that presented a cost challenge as to print a gold foil for this short run would have added £300 to the budget. after some thought we looked into digitally printing onto Peregrina Majestic Gold 250gsm board, this created another issue in that any area not appearing as gold would be affected by the gold board beneath (creating a metallic yellowish effect on all the colours. To avoid this meant flood printing a white beneath any areas not appear gold before print…A lot of considerations for what appeared a simple job!

The design was always going to be simple and clean, having wandered down to take a few shots of the building the obvious feature to highlight was the lovely peacock arched doorway. This was used to break up what otherwise would have been a very rigid looking layout.

The lessons learned problem solving on a simple project like this will no doubt be used to good effect on another design project in the near future – probably another invite for the same client.


One response to “Invitation Design Chichester”

  1. This design is great. Very clean and excellent font choice.

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