Posted on 5th April 2016

Annual Report Design Fishermen’s Mission

05/04/16Annual Report Design Fishermen’s Mission

Annual Report Design for Fishermen’s Mission 2016

Just printed is the 2016 annual report design for the Fishermen’s Mission. Profile design have worked on this project for the last few years, designing and producing the report in a number of formats and finishes. The client brief for this year was for the report design to be very visual. In the past and generally annual reports can be a bit of an intensive read, this year the main information was distilled into readable quotes from supporters, stakeholders, staff and fishing family members at the receiving end of the service.

The design featured an A4 landscape image on each spread, this proved a little bit of a challenge as some of the images were not great quality or of a size that were ideal for this. Some clever editing and Photoshop work enabled most images to reproduce well, although we did have to photoshop in a whole office background in place of a domestic kitchen on one well as editing the text on a cheque in the image!

Having opted for a mixture of matt lamination and Spot UV varnish on previous covers, the decision this year was to go with a gloss laminated cover. Gloss laminate was all ‘the thing’ many years ago but since was very much replaced in favour by matt lamination and subsequently a general move to uncoated paper stocks. Maybe this report will herald in the renaissance of the gloss laminate cover! The finished report has been very well received and sits well alongside the suite of re-branded literature we have worked on over the last year or so. Recently completed projects for the Fishermen’s Mission include designs for a graphic wrap for a donation coin spinner, a point of sale display box for charity pin badges as well as a range of other printed items.


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  1. Well laid out and lovely imagery.

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