Posted on 13th January 2016

Brochure and Card Design for Tinwood, Chichester

13/01/16Brochure and Card Design for Tinwood, Chichester

Profile have recently completed a number of design and print projects for Tinwood Vineyard. The  brochure and card design were printed a few months back, we have just delivered some very tasteful wine bottle labels printed on a linen textured, self adhesive, chill proof (for when those lovely products are in the chiller) paper.

There is nothing quite like a metallic gold foil on high quality matt black paper or board, whilst not a cheap process, for a high end product like Tinwood’s sparkling wines it is completely justified. It isn’t as straightforward as you’d think having black and gold as house colours, Blacks range in tone and hue as much as any other colour, the same black will appear very differently depending on the paper or board it is printed on, the more absorbent the paper the darker a colour will re-produce in general. For a deep strong black we usually add 30%Cyan and maybe 10% magenta to make it really rich.

Gold foil looks amazing, but inevitable there will be other printed or digital items where the gold needs to be represented by a colour mix made up usually of yellow with a little magenta and cyan – although in reality this is more of a caramel colour, when the colour mix is good you will see this as a gold colour.

For this Brochure and card design we used a mixture of foil and four colour process colours, the business card also had a metallic silver pantone spot colour to further increase the effect, this was printed on a 400gsm GF Smith board, the finished card is impressive..but not cheap to produce!

Profile Design Chichester specialise in Brochure and card design as well as design and print for complete stationery packages as well as other products like wine labels and general packaging.

tinwood brochure design


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