Posted on 8th December 2017

Display and Sign Design

08/12/17Display and Sign Design

The last 2 months brought a number of Display and Sign Design projects, from simple pull-up banners and Pop up Display Systems, vehicle and trailer livery designs to full site hoardings and more.

Chichester Design Agency Profile Design have been designing, producing and installing display and sign design and graphic display boards and systems for many years. The majority of our recent projects have been simple pull up banner systems and interior display and exhibition graphics.

Development Site Hoarding Design and Production

Alongside the usual sign projects we have designed and overseen production and installation for several development sites for local developers Seaward Properties and Elberry Properties. These have varied from a 17 metre x 2.5 metre run in Chichester to a 40 metre run and Totem Sign design and build in Southbourne.

Site Hoardings require a different set of considerations to other display materials, often they are part of a busy working site and mostly facing moving traffic. The information needs to be succinct and easy to read, especially contact details, this dictates to a degree the type of fonts used as well as the spacing between key information and possibly the distance before repeating key information, Images usually work best when reproduced as large as possible.

Vehicle Graphics Design

Profile Design have designed vehicle liveries for a broad range of vehicles from articulated lorries, vans and cars to trailer graphics like the sample illustrated on this post. Considerations about where the key information is displayed and scale lead the design work..mostly the design of the vehicle, it’s curves, door shapes and panels dictate what will or won’t work. Generally we like the logo, website and/or contact telephone number on the back (repeated on each side) if anything on a bonnet it’s usually just the logo.


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