Posted on 13th December 2017

Website Design for RBK Chichester

13/12/17Website Design for RBK Chichester

Recently completed was this Website Design for RBK Chichester. The original website we built 7 years ago was very much showing it’s age – the new site which was beautifully designed and built by Alex Stanhope very much reflects the progress made and the quality of Real Burger Kitchen and it’s products and service. Needless to say the client is very happy with the result.

Photography RBK Chichester

Creating a fast loading, responsive website that was vibrant and visual was what was required. Alex also obliged with the excellent photography and video work. Food and drink photography is an art not mastered by all photographers, if it’s not right in can easily have the effect of putting potential customers off..close up’s need to make your mouth water, not your stomach churn! Images of Moist burgers and hot crisp chips aligned with shots of cold beer and irresistable smooth shakes hopefully get the visitors juices going.

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