Posted on 12th February 2016

Digital Print Intertek

12/02/16Digital Print Intertek

digital print

Profile design have just delivered this package of Digital Print brochures for Intertek in Manchester. The print production included a 24 page, A4 Brochure, a 6 page A4 brochure, 12 page A5 brochure, and a pop up mailer card (also known as a Zed Card).

Digital Print

This particular print project was for small quantities of brochures (150 of each) in the past a project like this was extremely costly when run as a four colour litho print job. The onward rise of the quality and capability of digital printing machines now make projects like this viable, they are relatively cheap to produce and in most cases the quality is comparable to a litho print run.

Design for digital print does have it’s issues to consider, there is less choice when it comes to paper stocks than for litho printing, and certain colours ifs required (like Pantone Matches), particularly when used as large areas of solid block colour can be tricky to match. Another issue is when the print job requires a larger paper size, in particular most pocket folders – generally only Litho print machines are set up for these large formats.

For most print projects where the run length is lower than 300 or so we find digital is usually more cost effective. Projects we have worked on recently that have ended with digital printing include: Annual Reports, Business Cards, Poster Printing, Pop Up Mailer cards, A5 and A4 brochures. Large format printing for pop up banners or vinyl banners are now usually produced on digital machines.

We have recently been shown samples of objects that have had logos printed onto them digitally, these ranged from stones, pens, a piece of wood and even onto the surface of water in a bowl! If in doubt please ask as the range of possibilities is expanding all the time.


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