Posted on 5th February 2016

Chichester Logo Design (un-used)

05/02/16Chichester Logo Design (un-used)

Chichester Logo Design

There are occasions when we are commissioned to design a logo or produce design work for other print materials that never actually see the light of day. This Chichester logo design project for South Street Social is one of them. South Street Social was to be an upmarket new cafe and bar in the centre of Chichester.

We opted for mixture of design proposals but most followed a more retro style which kind of suited the project and the proposed venue, we actually agreed the logo proposal in the centre of the top row (below). This sheet of proposals was one of 3 others, we have included here to show the sort of range we offer clients following taking a brief. A good brief usually ensures that a satisfactory outcome is reached quickly.

logo design



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