Posted on 24th February 2016

Logo Design for Portsmouth Tuition

24/02/16Logo Design for Portsmouth Tuition

Profile Design, Chichester have recently completed a logo design for Portsmouth tuition company “i love to learn’. Howard and Linda who run the company recently parted company after 1o years, with a large franchised tuition organisation to use their considerable expertise to develop their own company.

‘I love to learn’ offers professional tuition for┬áprimary and secondary age students from their offices in Portsmouth. The brief was to develop a logo and brand that was both appealing to the end user as well as carers and parents. The logo needed to be bright, friendly and accessible without whilst also portraying the┬áprofessionalism and expertise of the company.

Logo Design for Portsmouth Tuition Company

Our initial design concepts used the kind of iconography you’d expect, pens, open books, heart graphics to name a few as we worked through the options 2 concepts stood out as being both immediate in their association with learning and also positive and graphic, the first was the use of a simple ‘tick’ as the ‘v’ in the company name, the second was an upraised arm, something we all associate with a keen learner!

These 2 final concepts were shortlisted and we explored a variety of styles and formats before we agreed on the finished product. We do like to show some of work sheets to illustrate the process we have been through to reach the final design (see below)



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