Posted on 10th November 2021

Lockdown Report

10/11/21Lockdown Report

Locked Down & Online Report Design

Lockdown Report Design for Youth Charity

Profile have provided Youthworks (previously YoungVoice) with design and branding work for over 20 years. We have produced a range of report and literature design projects over that time. This Lockdown report (Locked down & Online) is an in depth study of the effects that the Covid pandemic and subsequent lock downs have had on young people.

The report also looks at young peoples’ online behaviours and the effects these have had and are having. The lockdown report¬†highlights insights from young people that enable ¬†help families, education professionals and other organisations working with young people insightful information that will benefit them in their work.

Locked Down & Online Report Design

The report was designed to maximise the use of large images to break up the text. The graphs and charts were supplied by the client in Excel. To save time and expense re-creating these we decided to use them as supplied. The Youthworks and Cybersurvey colour schemes were used to lighten the feel of the report – this worked well to balance the gravity of the report. Direct quotes have been pulled out, and used on photographic images to give them prominence. The report is in keeping with the House style and previous reports.

Charity Report Design and Print

Profile Design have worked with many charities over the last 20 years. We have extensive experience in designing and producing reports, mail shots, leaflets, posters and other printed materials. We also have worked with charities on digital design projects and producing website design and build work.

Working with Charities is rewarding. being charities often means budgets are restrained. This means we have to be effective and creative with how projects are managed. Time input and print methods and materials need to be managed well to get the most from budgets.


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