Posted on 14th February 2017

Landscape Brochure Design

14/02/17Landscape Brochure Design

Recent design project to create a landscape brochure design for an upcoming development at Whitehouse Farm in Chichester.

Landscape Brochure Design

Deciding on a format for a brochure will to a large degree dictate the design proposals that will be generated, in this instance the brochure was predominantly going to feature full page landscape images of locale as well as aerial photography indicating site position in relation to local features.

As well as the design and artwork constraints, there are also implications for the print process and costs to be considered. In this case the brochure print run was limited so it made sense for them to be printed digitally, although a cheaper option than a litho print run, there are fewer print specialists that can accommodate this size of brochure/sheet size.



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