Posted on 14th February 2017

Elvira Logo Design

14/02/17Elvira Logo Design

Logo Design for Chichester based jewellery company Elvira.

Jewellery designer Fleur Turner approached us to create a new logo/brand for her established luxury jewellery business. Fleur had been trading as ‘Fleur Turner’ but was keen to move away from this as a trading name. We felt that it would make sense to have a company name that had some connection and meaning to her as a designer, on further discussion it turned out that Fleur had inherited her Italian grandmother’s name as her own middle name ‘Elvira’. Ideal in every aspect forĀ  design brand in that it had that classical mediterranean sound to it whilst also having a great meaning; ‘Truth, White or Beautiful’.

Logo Design

The logo design itself needed to be simple and work in mono and as a monogram for purposes of branding jewellery and packaging products, having explored a number of options we agreed on the logo featured.

Brand development

Fleur liked the classical typographical logos of major fashion houses like YvesSaintLaurent, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani to name a few. Logos that are simple, modern and professional. Creating a successful jewellery brand requires some key foundations, these include; developing a signature style early on, this often means honing in on what makes you different and what you excel at. Communicating value and price effectively is important, a pricing model not just based on labour and materials but which reflects talent and originality/exclusivity. Along with this develop a loyal, enthusiastic client base that will want to know about the latest collections.

Growing at a comfortable pace is important when developing brand, being dedicated and growing through any failures as well as successes is important. There will always come a time when hard decisions need to be made and new business and design directions need taking.

Elvira is well on its way to developing its own brand story.


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