Posted on 31st March 2021

Logo Design for HWR

31/03/21Logo Design for HWR

Recently completed by Profile Design is this logo design for HWR. A new brand for an existing company. The brief was that the finished logo design should promote a high end service to new clients. Stage one of the branding project was to establish a strong logo for the brand.

Client Background

HWR offer legal services to families looking to protect their assets for future generations. This is achieved through comprehensive estate planning and asset protection, tax planning and succession planning to ensure that assets remain with chosen beneficiaries.

The Brief

HWR wanted a quality, high end brand image. Initial concepts included the use of the initials HWR in a monogram that can be used as a logo or watermark inducements produced. Client suggestions on icon use included the use of Lions Head graphic or possibly a castle. Both images that convey Strength and Security.

Profile also explored a wide range of typographical styles. Designs including monograms, eagle and tree icons. In total our initial submission included nineteen logo design options. The first set of logos were submitted to the client and from these we shortlisted the turret/bastion logo design. The agreed version of the logo was then submitted in a number of formats and colour ways. The agreed final logo is included here.

The brief requested colour concepts that included the use of Deep blue (Royal Blue), Gold and White to portray solid stability but with a modern feel.The finished design incorporates a gold gradient band that holds the strapline.

This branding works for both digital and traditional media including brochures and letterheads where the gold will be foiled where appropriate. The HWR logo design is versatile, it works as a tile (square) as a seal (circular).

Profile Design are specialists in logo and branding design in Chichester. We have over 30 years experience. Servicing clients in Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire and across the UK.



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