Posted on 8th November 2016

Direct Mail Design

08/11/16Direct Mail Design


This Direct Mail Design project was for the design, print, production and fulfilment for The Fishermen’s Mission Charity. The Autumn mailing featuring the ‘Network’ magazine for The Fishermen’s Mission is the major mailing of the four quarterly editions that go out. Although Profile design handle direct mail design and marketing for a number of our clients, this was the first undertaken for this particular charity. It is a reasonably complex project in that the magazine is produced with 4 regional variations with corresponding mailing lists for each region, within each region there are separate mailing lists for individuals, companies and a list where multiple copies are sent. There are also 2 distinct mailings within those groupings where some receive all items and some selected items (sounds complicated!)

Design and print

This mailing project started with the design and artwork of the materials being sent out, these included; an 8 page A4 magazine, a 4 page A5 strategy document, an A5 flyer and an A5 gift aid and donation form. As well as this there were 3 envelopes and a cover letter to produce. The magazine is the main focus of the direct mail and is produced in 4 regional variations, when printed this is endorse folded to A5, enabling the whole package to go out in a C5 envelope (reducing costs)


Profile Design project managed every aspect of this project, from initial design concepts, artwork, printing and production to the mailing hitting the doormats across the whole of the UK. Keeping an eye on deadlines, addressing issues quickly when they arise and liaising closely with clients and mailing agents is essential to making sure targets are achieved. When issues and problems do occur we endeavour to act quickly to address them and if necessary to negotiate appropriate reimbursements or assurances.


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