Posted on 9th June 2016

Chichester Festival of Flowers design

09/06/16Chichester Festival of Flowers design

Profile recently delivered a range of marketing materials for the biannual Chichester Festival of Flowers. Initial work for the design concepts were done earlier in the year, following an elaborate array of designs using imagery relating to this years theme ‘The artists palette’ it was ultimately decided the design should featureĀ an illustration of the cathedral.

Profile design have been privileged to have worked on the design and production of marketing materials for the flower festival for many years. It is an event that seems to grow ever more impressive each time, the challenge for us as designers is to try and simply convey the theme of each festival and construct a graphic and a colour scheme that will be striking and effective across a broad range of materials. These range from tickets, leaflets, posters and banners to roadside advertising boards and programmes.

Chichester Festival of Flowers Design Work

The challenge in recent years has been the incorporation of a souvenir central section of images from that years displays..a challenge in that these are not ready for photography until the day before the first event the 40 page, colour programmes appear at. This is achieved by having the rest of the programme designed and printed a few days inĀ advance and left untrimmed and unbound until the 12 page feature section is ready to be added. Once you allow for half a days photography, image editing, page layout, plate making and printing you have a very tight turnaround. So far no problems!

Programme design and design for events in general needs to be both striking and informative, you need to create imagery and design that attracts attention without drowning out the information. The Chichester Flower Festival is an easy one in that the imagery available is always striking and colourful and the themes selected for each event tend to be artistic (poetry, music, art, literature etc.)


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