Posted on 14th June 2023

Charity Newsletter Design

14/06/23Charity Newsletter Design

Newsletter Design

Just delivered is the latest Charity newsletter design for the Fishermans Mission. This Summer edition forms part of  the latest quarterly appeal mailing consisting of a 12 page A4 newsletter and an appeal letter with combined giving/appeal form. The Newsletter design follows the style Profile Design created as part of a branding refresh in 2022.

The addition of Museo and Gotham Narrow fonts to the branding library help lift the design and are clear and legible at smaller point sizes. The Fishermans Mission have recently commissioned photography at some keys ports in the UK. This new library of good quality images enables the newsletter to feature large, whole page images that give the layout it’s visual open style.

Another design feature are the pull quotes (also known as a lift-out pull quote). These act as visual devices to lead a reader through the page and enable those that wish to skim read to gauge the general content of an article. Another means to lead readers is the use of the ‘drop cap’  these are an instant locator for the start of an article.

Charity Background

Founded by Ebenezer Joseph Mather Ebenezer in 1881 “The National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen” later became the Fishermans Mission. Ebenezer was disturbed by the onditions which fishermen worked and lived in. Fishing was notoriously dangerous with high death rates. The Mission went on to help many during WW1 and WW2 as scores of fisherman’s trawlers were used to help merchant convoys and defense against attacks from the air as well as mine sweeping. 

Fishing remains the UK’s most dangerous peacetime job. It is seven times more dangerous than the next most dangerous profession in the UK . The Fishermans Mission support active and former fishermen and migrant fishermen working on UK vessels. They provide a 24-hour emergency response to any fishing vessel working in UK waters, assisting with injury, or loss at sea.


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