Posted on 18th August 2021

Cafe pavement banners

18/08/21Cafe pavement banners

Just delivered to Mustards Bar & Restaurant in Bognor Regis these fine cafe pavement banners.

Profile recently installed pavement banners at Purchases in Chichester. Shaun and Craig at Mustards were impressed enough by them to want a set for their impressive bar & restaurant ‘Mustards’ in Bognor. Opting for the stainless steel post and base option with black mesh banners. The overall effect is stunning. The cafe pavement banners create a defined, outdoor dining and drinking space. The Mesh banners allow air flow, preventing wind from being a problem. These higher end post and base sets are also heavier making them more stable. The stainless steel crossbars that hold the banners in place are also sturdier than the cheaper bungee strap versions.

Profile Design have over 20 years experience in designing, producing and installing signs and banners for restaurants, cafe’s and hotels. Profile are also specialists in the design and production of display and sign materials for others sectors including; construction, education, and general business. We also produce exhibition signs and displays for galleries and museums.


mustards bognor

Sign Designers Chichester

Our design work for directional display is very visible around the city of Chichester. Profile were commissioned to design all the sign work associated with the City Walls Walk. The work included circular brass pavement plaques which directed walkers via a Roman sword. Lecturn single around the route showing historical scenes and facts. We also produced a set of cast wall plaques with Historical facts and diagrams about the City’s Roman past.

Sign Design is a part of the collective branding process. This means we consider all the other marketing materials and design when designing signs and banners. It is important for a business brand to be cohesive and communicate a consistent message. The choice of materials as well as the design are important.


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