Posted on 5th January 2013

Acucomm logo

05/01/13Acucomm logo

We have recently finished a corporate identity for Acucomm, a new waste futures company based in West Sussex.

The Acucomm logo design went through a number of incarnations, colour and font options – We, and more importantly the client are very happy with the end result, a logo that has a suitably corporate feel but with emphasis very much on relationship and team.

Being distinctive and memorable is vital for a web publisher, and new Chichester based start-up company AcuComm turned to Profile Design for creative input into the company’s branding.

AcuComm’s business is to provide the burgeoning international waste management market with key data. The branding had to convey the value and importance of the content but in a way that would be appropriate to a customer audience largely drawn from engineers.

“The understated and confident  two colour logo is not run of the mill for business publishing and offers clear guidance on the presentation of the company’s web presence and product offering”

Nigel Chivers, AcuComm’s Business Development advisor.

Design process

The design process for a logo like this usually follows a similar pattern. Initially we meet with a client to discuss their business and aspirations for their organisation. Following this we establish what the essence of the logo and what it will communicate should be, colours fonts, whether an icon or illustrative element is required, how the logo is applied, digital, print, signage etc. For a new business there are lots of options all up for grabs whilst an existing business will probably be looking to retain elements of their brand and simply refresh.

Once a brief has been established the design process can begin, usually this involves some research to provide foundations for the rationale behind the design. We may also look at competitors, similar businesses and how they present their products and services.

Only at this point do we put pen to paper and start producing some ideas, from a broad range of concepts we usually select a dozen or so to present to a client as stage one designs, at this presentation meeting we ascertain which designs are going in the right direction, select one or 2 designs for amendment and re-presentation.


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