Posted on 17th August 2011

Sussex Pub Company Website

17/08/11Sussex Pub Company Website

Sussex Pub Website Design

Following the successful launch of several new websites for members of The Sussex Pub Company we have just launched a new site for the group itself. Although the previous site had a great record of referring visitors forward, visually it left a lot to be desired. The new site will feature a seasonal background image that will change. visit website

Profile Graphic Design have been acting as design consultants for the company for many years. As web designers for this particular project we were briefed by the client to create an overview of the group and its many establishments, all of which have we sites in their own right – most of which were designed and built by Profile Design in Chichester.

A new feature of this site is the link to a recruitment site where all the current posts available throughout the chain are listed and can be applied for, quite a useful tool in an industry known for relatively high turnover off staff seasonally.

Graphic Design for Sussex Pub

As well as a range of websites, Profile design over the years have produced a vast range of design and print projects for the various members of the group, these have included, Poster design and print, Menu design and print, Exterior signs, Banners, Display Graphics, Invitation Design, Flyer printing, Business card design, Events promotion, Press advertising, ABoard Sign supply, Professional Photography, Web banners, Website SEO, Content management training, IT Support, Web hosting, Brochure design and print, Illustration, Wall Graphics, display Graphics and much more.

Chichester Design

A large focus of our work for the group has been focussed at Trents in Chichester, which is an extremely popular and therefore successful Chichester meeting place, much attention has been given to get the feel and detail of the design work for trents creating the right feel for two differing client bases, diners and office employees during the day, and a younger more drinks focussed group in the evenings.


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