Posted on 22nd January 2011

Novium Centre Branding

22/01/11Novium Centre Branding

Novium Museum Chichester

Following a very competitive tender process for the branding the Novium Museum, Profile Design were selected by Chichester District Council to design and implement branding for the new seven million pound museum in the heart of Chichester.

The process included hosting a stakeholder meeting, where all those linked with the project and all the current museum staff were present to give views and opinions. Following a brief presentation on the nature of development of brands and logos by Nigel Chivers from Profile Design, the meeting explored the unique selling points (USPs,) and word descriptors related to the current and future objectives of the museum. Profile then distilled the information gathered and came up with a proposed shortlist of potential names for the new museum.

The main considerations were to find a name that was:

  • Non specific, generic and clear
  • A name which encapsulated the aspirations, places and people in history that make the museum what it is.


  • The diversity of the Museum’s collection indicated a non specific theme
  • The wide audience of users embracing academics, school children and families suggested a neutral branding

Brand values to be communicated 

  • High Quality
  • Big/Extensive (Biggest in the region)
  • Serious/Expert/Academic
  • Fun/Interactive/Interesting
  • Engaging/Sensual/Emotional

Following this process Profile presented numerous logo design options based on the new names proposed to the commissioning panel of Chichester District Council which were subsequently edited for a final presentation to the project board, (a panel of senior decision makers and stakeholders)

The subsequent decision of the board was that the new facility would be ‘The Novium Centre’ A composite of the Roman name for Chichester (Novio Magus) and the word ‘Museum’. The logo was duly completed and a complete branding guide created for the new logo and brand.

Further examples of the logo design proposals can be viewed in the CDC portfolio on the portfolio page.


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