Posted on 16th May 2022

Newsletter Design

16/05/22Newsletter Design

Recently completed is this Newsletter Design for The Fishermen’s Mission. The re-design is part of a wider branding update that includes the re-design of printed brochures and materials.

Graphic Design

The new design features an emphasis on large photographic images and a cleaner layout style. In addition to the re-design of the newsletter we produced a corporate identity-branding guide that introduced additional colours to the palette. Profile proposed the addition of a new font Gotham Narrow. The new design style has been received well.

Newsletter Print

Previously the Newsletter and other print items for the charity have been printed on Silk art paper. The New newsletter was printed on an uncoated FSC certified paper stock. The new paper has complemented the new design style and enhanced the new brand feel.


By extending the colour palette we have given the printed material a brighter, lighter feel. The old colour guide included 2 blues and a red. It was felt we really needed to add some brighter colours. We added a yellow and an orange as well as brightening the existing mid-blue. The addition of the Gotham font has also allowed the text to take up less pace on the page allowing for more white space and larger photographic images.


The Fishermen’s Mission have commissioned a photographer to build a new library of images. Good images are key to good design when it comes to design of newsletters and reports. The new design features a lot of full page images so it is essential that the quality of photos is good.

We were also very short of standard images of Fishermen’s Mission staff. This new library of images enables us to have a more options when it comes to designing the pages.

The supporters of the charity as well as the mission staff have all been very positive about the new design. The concept will now be rolled-out on other items of print and publicity.



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