Posted on 23rd June 2015

Branding Fishermen’s Mission

23/06/15Branding Fishermen’s Mission

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The on going process of branding The Fishermen’s Mission literature and marketing material continues. The latest updates include vehicle liveries, Restaurant donation cards, Postcards and the latest Annual Review as well as design proposals for scarves and ties and a thorough proposal for interior and exterior sign designs and information graphics which will be implemented during 2016.

Branding by stealth

As The Fisherman’s Mission is such a large, well established charity the range of literature and marketing materials and the number of offices they are distributed to is considerable. It was decided that the new branding would be rolled out in stages to make the process more manageable. We have just completed the latest updates to literature and designed a vehicle livery for the new fleet of cars…the ‘go faster’ stripe does owe a degree of inspiration to the Starsky & Hutch, Ford Gran Torino – for anyone old enough to remember that!

The Fishermen’s Mission is a large and well respected charity with an impressive history, large scale changes like a re-brand can prove controversial in some organisations in these circumstances. In this case it seems all the new literature and the overall facelift of the marketing materials have been well received by both the internal Mission staff and the end users and receivers.

A key to the success of the new literature has been the accessible design style and use of characterful illustrations and photographs throughout the broad range of items; Forms, leaflets, flyers, posters, brochures, pocket folders, annual reports, zed cards and pull up display banners to list a few! The use of the new brand colours as strong solid blocks and good simple typography also contribute to create a friendly, accessible family of materials.

Going Forward

Now that the new branding is established there will be an on-going process of tweaking and improving and where necessary changing some of the designs to keep them fresh.


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