Posted on 12th May 2012

Absolute Recruitment Logo Design

12/05/12Absolute Recruitment Logo Design

Logo design concept

We were approached by Lisa at Absolute Recruitment recently and asked to submit proposals for a new logo/brand for the company. We hadn’t worked for a client in this sector before, we felt the company name conveyed positivity ‘Absolutely’, suggesting anything is a┬áchievable, our first thoughts were ‘scaling the heights’ ‘reaching peaks’. The ideas quickly seemed to be about peaks, summits.

Recruitment is also about partnership, a client and the agency coming together to use their various skills to find a suitable placement. We feel that the graphic we ended up with conveys these subtle points. The other element that it was important to get right was the colour palette, we wanted colours that were not stereotypically male or female, the powder blue, magenta and the grey give a softer approachable feel.

Having completed the logo design, we created a holding page for the forthcoming website – designed and printed business cards, and just finished designs for the company vehicle livery. The main vehicle is a white Fiat 500, white was the perfect background colour for the new logo. Vehicle livery design is always a challenge, largely because every single vehicle has different shapes and spaces that graphics can lay across without too much cutting or running over opening or handles. In this cassette opted for a large graphic of the logo icon to wrap over the side of the vehicle (images to follow) the relatively small boot and bonnet on this car means the logos located here were much smaller. The main contact information is located on each of the main doors. The finished design has been received very well by the client.

From the dozen or so design proposals we submitted we feel the client has chosen the strongest option.┬áNext step is to apply the branding to stationery and a new website …watch this space!



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