Posted on 30th May 2014

Price List Design for Prime Stables

30/05/14Price List Design for Prime Stables

Price list design and print for Prime Stables in West Sussex. a 16 page A4 brochure in full colour. Soon to be followed by a re-design of the Prime Stables main brochure.

Prime Stables are a leading manufacturer of stables in the UK. From mobile field stables to complete stable blocks and external timber workshops and garages. Profile design have worked for Prime for many years, producing brochure design and other promotional literature and print.


About the company

Prime Stables are timber stable builders and manufacturers of other timber buildings, providing a complete range of stable solutions for housing horses and other animals, garages and workshops for us mere mortals, delivering and installing throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Channel Islands, Belgium, France and other countries in mainland Europe.

They specialise in American Barns, Field Shelters, Mobile Field Shelters and more. They are the premier stable builders in the UK. Prime Stables are a company built around a passion for horses, people and animals with a strong desire to provide the best quality and care for all. When Gary and Sarah started Prime Stables back in 2003, they operated out of Sarah’s brothers and sister in laws stable yard and named the company after Sarah’s family name.  A constant reminder to her husband that Prime means the best.  The office back in those days was a computer under their stair well which their 5 children, the eldest being 12 at the time were asked not to touch.  To their credit they hardly ever did.

Prime Stables guiding principles right from the beginning can be summed up into three pillars; love for family and people; love for horses and animals and perfection and quality.

The business is built around the family, a fantastic team that is the company and our incredible clientele whom make it all worthwhile whether they own just the one horse or run a complete stable yard we are always more than happy to assist with our clients needs.


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