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Trents Chichester

Trents Chichester

Trent’s Chichester

Trents Chichester is a lively and popular bar/restaurant in the heart of Chichester. Profile have been working successfully with the management since 2009 to create a contemporary range of visual materials including, menus, advertising and signage that appeal to a mature sophisticated clientele.

At the end of 2015 The Sussex Pub Company (our clients) were unable to renew their lease on the property and the brewery have subsequently taken over the running of the business, to clarify, portfolio items were produced before this changeover.

Hotel Bar and Restaurant Design

We have worked with the Sussex Pub company on branding for a number of new Bars and Restaurants in Chichester and the surrounding area. Trent’s in Chichester was a particularly diverse and challenging design prospect in that it had two distinct areas and client bases in one building, a restaurant and bar that was very┬ápopular with local business people for lunch and a terrace bar outside that was a popular drinking bar in the evenings often with music and a younger demographic.

The challenge for us was to produce publicity, advertising and design solutions for menus, posters, website that didn’t alienate either of these client bases, something we succeeded at until the changeover. Profile Design are currently working on branding for an exciting new business that will open in Chichester this year.

One of the features at Trents is a contemporary heated terrace and separate bar ' The Shed' this area appeals to a younger demographic and holds regular events and promotions which require signficantly different visual solutions.

We feel we have reached 2 very different but compatible branding solutions to complement the business, producing eye catching design for this popular chichester venue.

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