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The Real Burger Kitchen

The Real Burger Kitchen

The Real Burger Kitchen is a gourmet burger restaurant which was launched in Chichester in 2010. Profile design were commissioned to develop a comprehensive branding solution. The brief encompassed initial identity solutions, through to exterior building graphics and signage, menu’s, promotional flyers, advertising and a website.

Real Burger

Over the last 6 years Profile Design have tweaked the original logo design and branding of the company as the direction and target audience of the product has shifted. It is important that a brand and logo are under regular review to ensure they are relevant to the customer base, that doesn’t mean a re-brand every few years, but may mean minor changes to reflect current trends. This is more of an issue in sectors where trends change very quickly.

Logo Design

As with most new business ventures, we started with the logo, as you’ll see from our portfolio there were a number of design proposals. The business concept was very much in the vein of The Gourmet Burger, simple, classical typography (Helvetica) and an original less vibrant colour palette. The logo design has stayed consistent but there have been minor colour changes over the years.

Website Design

The original website design is now 6 years old, and whilst desperately in need of an update still holds it’s own in terms of design. The new website will be responsive of course and much easier to navigate with clear calls to action.

We were careful throughout this project to research and familiarise ourselves with the target audience and the market sector we were appealing to.

Part of the challenge with this project was the fact the restaurant is located on the first floor and as such had no 'shop window' this necessitated strong enticing visual solutions combined with concise and clear signage.

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