Posted on 8th March 2012

Tinwood Wines

08/03/12Tinwood Wines

Work has been completed on the new website for the Tinwood Estate an established and highly regarded producer of some excellent wines. Visit website

Art Tucker at Tinwood directed us to a number of website designs that had elements he really liked and wanted to include into the new website design, these included the side navigation panel, the use of large background images on the homepage and the rather elegant use of the Black Silver and Gold associated with the Tinwood brand and labels.

One element it was important to include in the website design was the promotion of the new state of the art Tasting Room at the vineyard near Chichester, this meant we were also commissioned to create some evocative professional photography. We also advised the business on some of the best ways to utilise and integrate the use of social media as part of the marketing and branding process.

We can say from wonderful experience the wine is an excellent product..though as we found to our cost probably best enjoyed after work rather than as a lunchtime treat..rather hinders productivity!

About Tinwood

It was only as recently as 2007 that the first vines were ready to planted,  46,000 vines over 28 acres and then 2008 saw a further 38,000 vines planted over another 22 acres. More recently an extra 5 acres of Pinot Noir vines were planted in 2011. 84,000 vines, over 10,000 line posts, the vineyard was complete. The vines were nurtured for the next 2 and a half years and in 2009 came the first small crop of grapes. Over the next few years the Vineyard was tended passionately to produce the best grapes possible. Amazing to see how successful the wines are locally and nationally given the relative newness of the vineyard.

Since the launch of the original website there has been a subsequent re-design and build, ensuring the site is responsive and includes the complex booking system required to run the many facets of the business.


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