Posted on 9th January 2020

Charity Appeal Design for SeaFit

09/01/20Charity Appeal Design for SeaFit

Chichester Design Company, Profile have completed a range of materials for the ‘Seafit Programme’ including a leaflet design, posters and a ‘Z’ card pocket flyer.


The Seafit Programme is a joint venture between the Fishermen’s Mission and the Seafarers Hospital Society. It brings a range of medical services direct to Seafarers and their families throughout the UK. The service is completely free and covers physical and mental wellbeing. The service launched mid 2018 and will run until the end of 2020. Hundred’s of fishermen have benefitted so far from clinics at the 8 regional centres.

SeaFit Programme

Charity Branding

Ahead of the leaflet design work, Profile Design designed a new branding style for this health service. We produced a range of logo designs with a colour scheme that worked with the Fishermen’s Mission branding. We also created a graphic illustration of a fisherman that could be used with the logo. Other design elements included a sea textured background, type and colour palette.

Graphic Design

Primarily the publicity for the events would be used on location at or near the harbourside. It was important that the posters were bright and attractive and as visual as possible. The marketing needed to clearly outline what was on offer. The posters in particular should provide a clear call to action. Every design project needs to consider carefully not only what the message is but also needs the design to appeal to a variety of end users.

Leaflet & Poster print

Because of the number and variety of clinics taking place in many geographical locations, the print requirements for each individual event were quite low. Typically each event required fifty A4 Posters and several hundred flyers. This meant that the ideal process was digital print. Profile were also asked to produce A4 Poster templates that individual centres could use for special events. We also created a subsequent logo for SeaFit Events.


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